Bring You Praise

by Trevor Hodge

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released January 2, 2009


all rights reserved



Trevor Hodge NSW, Australia

Trevor is a songwriter, worship leader and music pastor at EV church on the Central Coast of NSW, Australia.

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Track Name: He Has Risen
Behold, the tomb is bare
The man you seek isnʼt there
He has risen
Death could not hold him down
Sinʼs curse has now been bound
He has risen

And death now has no sting
New life is found in him

For Jesus has risen
Our Saviour is alive
Jesus has risen
Sing praise to him on high
He has risen

And though we stood condemned
His blood has made amends
He has risen
And every tongue will proclaim
The name above every name
He has risen
Track Name: Bring You Praise
All the treasures of this world
All its silver and its gold
Can’t compare with you
Our Lord

All its gain we’ll count but loss
And every day take up our cross
And we’ll follow you
Our Lord

Jesus Christ gave Your life
So that we could live again
Paid the price for our sin
Raised from death to life again
By Your Spirit within
Lead us every single day
To bring You praise
To bring You praise

Though the darkness closes in
Though the valley never ends
We will trust in You
Our Lord

Trust that You will light our way
Trust that on the final day
You will bring us to our home
Track Name: All The Nations
Shine Your face upon us Lord
Gracious God, bless us we pray
So Your salvation may be known
So all of the earth will follow Your ways
May the people praise You, O our God
May the people praise Your name

All the nations will be glad
And sing aloud for joy
For You rule - just and righteous
Guide us by Your hand
Yield a harvest in our land
God you reign!
Track Name: Micah Song
How can I come before You, Lord?
Bow down to You exalted God?
Will offerings of earthly things
Appease my soul, forgive my sin?

You have shown us what is good
This is what You require

To act justly
And love mercy
And walk humbly with You, God
To act justly
And love mercy
And walk humbly with You, God
Before You, God

The greatest act of love displayed
Upon the cross of Calvary
The Son of God, by man betrayed
Laid down his life to set us free
Track Name: See The Man
See the man
Formed by the Father's hand
Dust turned to flesh
Filled with his breath
In the image of God
Loved and blessed
Given the very best
Destined to rule,
Fill and subdue all of the earth
But death entered the day
He ate from the tree
Condemned all of mankind
To follow his lead
But one day a man will come
And undo what he had done
One day a Saviour will return

See the man
Leaving his father's land
Sent by the Lord
Journeys towards
A promised place
By his faith
Would come a nation great
In numbers surpassed
All of the stars
Shining in space
His name would be renowned
From the east to the west
And all people on earth
Through him would be blessed
And one day a man will come
To finish what had begun
One day a Saviour would return

See the man
Come from his Father's side
His word become flesh
And all his fullness
Dwelling in him
Godʼs delight
Speaking the words of life
The Kingdomʼs revealed
The broken are healed
The blind given sight
And for all historyʼs sin
The righteous is slain
By his blood, death is defeated
Heʼs risen again
And soon he will come again
And then forever reign
One day our Saviour will return
Track Name: He Is Exalted
Praise the Lord in the highest heavens
Praise the Lord in the skies above
Praise Him, all of the heavens angels
Praise Him, moon and shining stars

Let us praise our Saviourʼs name
For all creation joins us singing

He is exalted!
Name above all names
His splendourʼs above
All the heavens and earth
Jesus exalted!
Name above all names
His splendourʼs above
All the heavens and earth

Praise the Lord every hill and mountain
Praise Him lightening, hail and snow
Praise Him every living creature
From the skies to the depths below

Let us praise our Saviourʼs name
The one who died and rose again
Let us praise our Saviourʼs name
For all creation joins us singing
Track Name: You Loved Me
You loved me
When You spun the stars into motion
And You loved me
When You parted land and sea
Before night and day
Before time and space
You had chosen me
Set aside a place in heaven
That bears my name.

You loved me
When my heart was turned against You
And You loved me
Even though my eyes were blind
You called me Your child
Led me by the hand
Made Yourself be known
Let me understand forgiveness
That comes from You.

O Lord, You are worthy of all praise
O Lord, O Lord

You love me
Through Your son I am forgiven
And You love me
By His death You purchased me.
My Lord Jesus Christ
You were crucified
But returned alive
To the Fatherʼs side forever
Track Name: Our Father
Our Father who reigns in heaven above
Hallowed be Your name
Your Kingdom come, Your will be done
In heaven and earth the same

Give us all we need for today
And forgive us as we forgive
Lead us not into temptation
But deliver us from sin
Track Name: Image of God
Image of God
Author of life
Joy of the Father
Heavenʼs delight
Came to this earth from eternity
Setting aside Your majesty

The Word became flesh
And dwelled among men
Obedient to the very end
Beaten and bruised
Justice denied
Humbled to death and crucified
The image of God

Forsaken by God
Darkness descends
“It is finished” now He says
But the heavens rejoice
Heʼs conquered the grave
Jesus has risen again
The image of God

Exalted on high
The Name above Names
And every knee
In heaven and earth
Will bow before You
Bow before You
Bow before You
Lord of All!

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